Body Image in Women with Breast Cancer

slide0001_image001 40° Annual Conference International Academy of Sex Research

Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 25-28, 2014

Body Image in Women with Breast Cancer at Surgery and Two Decades later: Therapeutic Strategies for Sexual Rehabilitation

slide0001_image003Breasts mean identity, attractiveness, sexuality, and motherhood but cancer changes forever  the way a woman looks at them: a deadly illness is nestled there and the surgical scar will not allow to forget.

The emotional reaction to the scar was explored in 50 lumpectomized  women.

Twenty-eight women were menstruating, mean age was 43 yrs (28-52) and mean relationship duration was  18 yrs (7-29); the remaining 22 were menopausal, mean age was 59 (45-72) and mean relationship duration was 35 yrs (23-46).

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