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Healthy Aging: Well-Being and Sexuality at Menopause and Beyond

The book reports the experience that Doctor Anna Ghizzani, gynecologist and expert of sexual medicine, accumulated in thirty years of clinical practice with men, women, and couples. In particular, her book presents different scenarios with women, men and couples who face the difficulties of aging. The Doctor discusses the organic physiopathology of menopause and aging, the new social and relational aspects that follow the life change of an individual entering retirement, together with the influence that common diseases have on the daily habits of men and women. In particular, the chapters on sexual medicine discuss the difficulties characterizing the romantic life of an aging couple, that gets quite complicated as the metabolic changes of one partner add to the other’s specular ones.


Menopause – physiology and pathology
Medical problems – hot flushes, metabolism, anxiety and depression, sleep disturbances, osteoporosis, genital atrophy, heart conditions, sexual health, eating disorders, physical activity
Cancer and its impact of mood and sexuality
The romantic relationship, sexual desire, sexual health, couple harmony
Sex Therapies
The other side of the moon, men, aging and couple sexuality

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